Roberto Herrera & Laura Legazcue in NYC

Roberto Herrera & Laura Legazcue in NYC
March 14-17, 2014
This will be a 4-day seminar, in the same format as the seminars of Chicho & Juana that we have previously organized, the days of the seminar will be March 14, 15, 16, 1nd 17. The seminar will be entitled "INCLUSIVE TANGO" and and will focus on Social Tango dancing for all styles. More details will be posted soon.

Roberto & Laura will perform Argentine Folklore at a special milonga at the Dance Manhattan studio on Friday, March 14th, DJed by Avik Basu from Ann Arbor, and Tango at Robin Thomas's Nocturne on Saturday, March 15th. Both will be exclusive performances and the couple won't perform anywhere else in NYC on this visit.

New York - it will be a fabulous weekend - don't miss it!!

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Roberto Herrera & Laura Legazcue

Roberto Herrera was one of the students of the legendary maestro and milonguero Antonio Todaro, one of the figures who brought tango back to life and created a whole generation of prominent tangueros - Gustavo Naveira, Carlos Copello, Osvaldo Zotto, Miguel Zotto, Guillermina Quiroga, Pablo Veron, Vanina Bilous, Alejandra Mantinian, were all among his students. Maestro Todaro had a unique talent of creating original dancers, who later on developed their own distinct styles of dancing, but they all shared the same concepts of Tango and its code. There is no or very little knowledge of Antonio Todaro in the US, but in Argentina he became a referent of Tango, he possessed the simplicity and creativity at the same time, his unstoppable fantasy was full of new ideas and he was never forgetting the roots and at the same time he never stopped dreaming. We should be truly thankful to him for many remarkable tangueros that we are able to study with today.

Antonio Todaro & Milena Plebs - Homenaje al maestro Todaro

39 W 19 Street 5th fl, New York, New York 10011