Tango Element Festival Policies


Your registration entitles you to attend the classes you have selected
in the registration module and is based on the availability of classes
at the time of your order. A full festival pass does NOT allow you
default access to all classes. You will only be able to attend the
classes you've selected in your package.

A full pass package contains up to 11 classes and is governed by class
size limits and gender balance restrictions. Please choose your
package carefully. You are not entitled to any refund for
unavailable/unselected classes once you register for a package.

In the event that a class is full when you place your order, you may
sign up to be added to a wait list for that particular class, but
there are no guarantees as to availability. We suggest that you
register for an available class in that time slot to take full
advantage of the number of classes in your package.

At the time you order, classes that have registration limitations due
to leader/follower balance are clearly indicated, and registrants have
the option to request to be added to a waiting list. To be democratic,
any available space will be assigned on a first-come basis, so don't
delay in responding to an email from us.

At any time prior to online registration closing on July 29, 2015, you
may make changes to your schedule within space and gender confines
currently active in the system. There will be a $10 charge for any
changes in class selection made in person at the registration desk on


Should you find yourself unable to attend the event after you have
registered, a tiered schedule will be applied to any refunds. This
policy will be strictly adhered to and is at the sole discretion of
Tango Element, Inc. We regret full refunds won't be possible due to
processing charges.

Pre-Early Bird closing (before June 20, 2017) - 90%
After 06/20/2016 and up to 07/10/2017 - 50%
After 07/10/17 - 0%


It is necessary to have basic tango experience to give context to
topics the teachers will present in classes at this festival. Out of
fairness to all attendees, the teachers will not alter the level of
their classes for students unable to keep up. The festival classes
were designed to provide material that will benefit everyone from
intermediate to advanced dancers.

The organizers and teachers reserve the right to request that a
student leave any class if they feel he or she is unable to keep up
with the material, poses any physical danger to other students, or is
disruptive. For those unable to keep up, management will make every
attempt to substitute a class at an appropriate level, but no refunds
will be offered. So please, be honest in assessing your level when you
register; it will heighten your ability to get the most from the
teachers and topics presented. Here are some guidelines:

Content in these classes covers a wide range of experience levels. You
should have good balance and navigations skills and be comfortable in
either close or open embrace. The music should inspire your movements
and enable you to lead or follow many common tango figures (e.g.,
molenetes, barridas, voleos, ganchos). Partner rotation in these
classes will be up to the teachers, is recommended, but is not
mandatory. If you have a particular partner that you would like to
work with, make sure you both register before classes reach capacity,
as we will be unable to give anyone priority over those who registered

These classes are intended for more experienced intermediate and
advanced dancers. If you meet all the requirements of the intermediate
level described above, can lead or follow more challenging variations
of the main tango figures, can dance well on a crowded floor, and
practice tango regularly, the classes at this level will add to your
repertoire and inspire your tango ambitions. Partner rotation in these
classes will be up to the teachers, is recommended, but is not
mandatory. If you have a particular partner that you would like to
work with, make sure you both register before classes reach capacity,
as we will be unable to give anyone priority over those who registered

The advanced classes are intended for social dancers and teachers with
multiple years of class and festival participation, who are able to
execute complex tango figures without a demonstration, and have a keen
understanding of the technique associated with them. It is expected
that you have a very high skill level to keep up to the pace at which
the content will be presented. Advanced classes offered will be
limited to couples only to maximize class content.

There will be no partner rotation in these classes; content will
require a particularly good working relationship between partners.
Therefore, you must register together for these classes as a couple.
We understand that requiring a partner may be frustrating for some
registrants, but hope that working with a predictable partner will
enable attendees to get maximum benefit from their time with the
maestros. Registration will be slightly different for these classes
this year: The registration system has been improved to allow
consenting individuals to partner within the confines of the system.
This means that you may name multiple partners for the classes, but
unless your partner has consented, registered, and paid, neither pass
is complete. This will allow more flexibility for those without a
consistent partner, but will take more coordination between the
parties. It is suggested that you and your partner review availability
options and agree on your schedule prior to registering to avoid
unnecessary complications. It is also recommended that if you do not
have a partner at the time you register that you sign-up for as many
classes as your pass allows to take full advantage of that pass
because space and gender restrictions are fluid and cannot be
reserved. You may be able to secure a partner using the Tango Element
Facebook site.

Note on Class Subjects - Chicho & Juana
The teachers request the courtesy to craft a lesson that best adapts
to the students in the room. Therefore, no class topics will be
announced ahead of time. Instead, all classes will be rated by level


The organizers understand how frustrating it is to attend classes
where there are not an equal number of leaders and followers. To that
end, we would appreciate your cooperation in registering early so that
we can plan to help achieve balance for the lessons. To maximize your
class time, it is always best to bring your own partner. You may be
able to secure a partner using the Festival Forum. Although Tango
Element will make every effort to gender balance the classes, we
cannot be responsible for your partner's level in classes that rotate
partners. Once online registration is closed, you will only be able to
sign up for classes on site with a partner, or in classes that aren't
already balanced.


Please understand that talent has the right to protect their image,
especially in our modern YouTube society. Much like file sharing in
the music industry, the content and presentation of class and
performance material is the sole property of talent. Therefore, we
request that no videography be conducted during lessons without
explicit permission from the teachers. And in keeping with our
contractual obligations to talent, NO video cameras will be allowed
during performances. Failure to comply with this request will result
in your immediate expulsion from the premises and no refund will be
tendered for any unattended portion of the event. If any videos of the
festival classes/performances are posted on YouTube, they will be
taken down in accordance with the YouTube copyright protection policy.

Still photography at the event will be limited to those who request
advance permission from the organizers. No flash will be permitted
during performances, and no professional photography will be allowed.
If you wish to take photographs, please contact organizers at: