Olga Besio

Teacher of teachers, love, passion, wisdom, and experience embodied in art and her pursuit of teaching. Olga is a dancer, teacher, choreographer and ballet director, with more than 30 years of a prestigious professional Tango career, and her entire life of dancing Tango.

Born in Buenos Aires, Olga has been dancing tango since she was 5 years old. She studied ballet, fine arts, and philosophy, and possess four teaching degrees.

She is renowned for her pedagogy in tango. Her famous teachings methods focus on musicality, technique, and instruction/pedagogy. Her method can be appreciated following successful careers of her students, including those of her two children, Ariadna and Federico Naveira, whom she taught since they were little.

Olga is a creator of the first major free Tango program within the Municipality of Buenos Aires, in the renowned Centro Cultural San Martin. As an artist, teacher and a competition judge, Olga has been participating in infinity of tango congresses and festivals, and contributed into multiple national and international tango events. As a result of tirelessly spreading her knowledge of tango for many years, Olga has been invited to serve as a member of the International Dance Council under a UNESCO program. In 2013 she has received a special award of the Council for her outstanding carrier achievements.

We are honored and thrilled to have Olga Besio teaching at Tango Element Baltimore for the first time and cannot wait to welcome her! Please note – all her classes are recommended for tango teachers.