Alex's clarity, humor, patience, and approachability in his classes has made him one of the most in-demand teachers in the US. He has taught, performed, DJed and played bandoneon in 12 countries and over 90 cities over the past 14 years. Alex has a degree in music and physics which gives him the ability to clearly break down ideas/movements and gives him a unique perspective into the elements of tango music. Alex currently runs the popular all-tango studio "Tango Berretin" in Portland, OR where he also directs his tango quartet. Alex primarily teaches for the social dance floor, emphasizing the improvisatory side of the dance through strong communication between the lead and follow, and on musicality. He feels it's important to give his students the vocabulary necessary to find their own unique expression of body movement to dance the Tango. He has partnered with exceptional follows such as Luciana Valle and Florencia Taccetti, and has performed in the tango show "Tango Nights," at the Alladin Theater, "Danza Tropical" at the Teatro Milagro, has collaborated with the Oregon Ballet Theater and wrote and directed the tango show "Tango al Tiempo" at the Miracle Theater. Videos: