Pablo Rodriguez & Corina Herrera

Corina Herrera is a well-known tango dancer and teacher who has taught and performed at festivals all over the world. She taught and performed in the most famous milongas of Buenos Aires with such top-level dancers as Horacio Godoy, Federico Naveira, Ezequiel Farfaro, Pablo Rodriguez, Octavio Fernandez, Rodrigo Palacios, and others. In her teaching, Corina’s focuses on her students discovering the different sensations that exist in the world of tango dancing, and showing them the techniques that generate those sensations, hence, helping them to gain the freedom of choosing the way they dance and understanding the differences.

Corina began to teach at 14 assisting Julio Balmaceda and Omar Vega. Since then she worked in many schools in Buenos Aires – Tango Brujo, Argentinean Tango School, Salon Canning, La Nacional, Unitango, La Viruta, teaching group lessons and special seminars, at El Yaite, El Motivo, and traveled around her country to teach in other provinces.

Currently Corina teaches on a regular basis at La Viruta with Horacio Godoy and at the Milonga La Discepolo with Pablo Rodriguez.