Melina Brufman is a tango dancer, instructor and choreographer. Her professional career took her to the most famous tango shows in the world: she performed at the Schubert Theater on Broadway, Kodak Theater in Los Angeles, Jackie Gleason in Miami, Sistina in Rome, Casino de Paris, El Nacional, Maipo, and Avenida in Buenos Aires, just to mention a few. Her roles in the great tango musicals, such as Tanguera or Forever Tango gave her the opportunity to try very distinct styles, which has greatly enriched versatility of her interpretation. Melina has taught at multiple festivals all over the world, including Oster Tango in Basel, Berlin Tango Festival, Chicago Tango Week, SMITH Tango Festival, Nora’s Tango Week, NJ Tango Festival, CITA Cosmotango, Misterio Tango Festival, among others. She is also a jury member and an instructor at the renowned Tango Mundial Championship in Buenos Aires. As a teacher, she focuses on technique and body mechanics that open your body up for dancing. She has been praised for her famous follower’s technique programs, which she will also present in Baltimore this summer in partnership with Corina Herrera. Videos: