Considered one the best Tango dancers of all-time, Roberto Herrera is a man of charisma, mystery, and sensuality who possesses incomparable technique. His teaching is recognized world-wide for its tradition, innovation and experimentation. During his prolific career as a teacher, choreographer, and dancer, he has taught and danced on stages around the world: Italy, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Finland, Spain, Portugal, France, Greece, Germany, Poland, the USA, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Bali, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia. A remarkable achievement worth mentioning is Roberto Herrera’s work as the principal male dancer of the Gran Orquesta of Maestro Osvaldo Pugliese.

Herrera carries that kind of tango tradition you won’t be able to find elsewhere. Career highlights include founding one of the most recognized academies of Tango in Buenos Aires and Academy 2010, based in Parma, Italy. Roberto was once principal dancer of the Argentinian National Ballet directed by Santiago Ayala «El Chucaro» and Norma Viola. In 1986 he was the principal male dancer in the film «Tango Bar».

He was part of the cast of «Tango Argentino» in 1992 and 2006 in Buenos Aires, and on Broadway in 2000. From 1993 to 1995 he was principal male dancer of «Tango Pasion» with the Orchestra Sexteto Mayor. In 1995 he created, directed and interpreted «Tango, Una Historia,» which he performed until 2001 in the historic tango bar «El Querandi» in Buenos Aires. During 2006 — 2007 he took part in the widely-acclaimed show «Buenos Aires Tango 3» in Paris and Brussels with the orchestras El Arranque, Vale Tango and Decarisimo.

The same show was then successfully performed at the Auditorium in Rome, and then, together with Orquesta El Arranque, in Brescia and Hong Kong, where it sold out at the prestigious Hong Kong Arts Festival.