5-Day Bootcamp Seminar with Mariano “Chicho” Frumboli & Juana Sepulveda in Washington DC

What is it all about
Milongas in the City

What is it all about?

“Years of research, based on my experiences in different cultures, in different parts of the world, have brought me directly to the essence of Tango. This seminar focuses on using the latest techniques and the precise analysis of musicality in Tango to get you there, too.
The seminar is didactically prepared for instant understanding of the method I′m using. It incorporates musical exercises and the technical applications in sequences, as well as the body communication that allows you to interpret, and capture, the expression of the dance. The objective is to touch those deep, internal subjects that connect directly with the inner Tango in each of us.
These are some of the topics that we’ll tackle together with open minds; that will keep us searching for solutions and paths”.
Mariano “Chicho” Frumboli

“Este proyecto esta enfocado en el trabajo acerca de las ultimas tecnicas y el analisis preciso en la musicalidad en el tango. La investigacion de anos y la experiencia en diferentes partes del mundo, con diversos tipos de cultura, me introdujo directamente en la esencia misma del tango Un seminario pensado didacticamente para la rapida comprension del metodo utilizado.

Ejercicios musicales y la aplicacion de las tecnicas en secuencias.

La comunicacion corporal para llegar a la interpretacion y la expresion con el objetivo de tocar puntos internos profundos que conecten directamente con nuestro tango interior.
Estos son algunos de los items que abordaremos y que ofreceremos, esperando todo tipo de duda que nos haga seguir encontrando soluciones y caminos juntos”.
Mariano “Chicho” Frumboli


Friday, Aug 3 Saturday, Aug 4 Sunday, Aug 5 Monday, Aug 6 Tuesday, Aug 7
      1:30-2:30pm Stretching with Arja
$10 to instructor
Stretching with Arja $10 to instructor
  noon-1pm Stretching with Arja $10 to instructor noon-1pm Stretching with Arja $10 to instructor 2:30-3:30pm Free Practica 2:30-3:30pm Free Practica
4:30-6:45pm (Int) 1:00-3:15pm (Int) 1:00-3:15pm (Int) 4:30-6:45pm (Int) 4:30-6:45pm (Int)
7:15-9:30pm (Adv) 3:45-6:00pm (Adv) 3:45-6:00pm (Adv) 7:15-9:30pm (Adv) 7:15-9:30pm (Adv)
  6-7pm Free Practica 6-7pm Free Practica    
  Chicho&Juana perform at the Eastern Market 9pm-midnight – Milonga at the hotel*    

*Sunday mini-Milonga at the Holiday Inn 9pm-midnight - $5 for the Seminar participants, $10 for everybody else


You are required to register with a partner for this Seminar. If you are in search of a partner, please feel free to post in the event’s Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/events/355743274463927/ or in the Tango Element Group’s page at http://www.facebook.com/groups/144977529357/. The material presented in the class will be progressive and calls for participation in the entire program. You can only sign up for the complete seminar, no individual classes are offered in this event.

Registration for this Bootcamp Seminar, unless sold out sooner, will close on July 25th, 2012


$325 per person for either Intermediate or Advanced track (11.5 hrs of class time)
$595 per person for both tracks (23 hrs of class time)
If you are signing up for this Seminar and would also like to attend Tango Element Baltimore 2012 (August 9-12,), you will receive a 20% rebate on either a Full Festival Pass or a 2-Day Pass (Non-Student passes only).

Registration is limited to 25 couples per track.

Couples only - One person must register and pay for both, but will not have to specify the partner's name until two weeks before the event. If by that time a partner hasn't been secured, the registration will be transferrable, but if you cannot transfer or find a partner the package is forfeited and no refund will be offered. You can post to the Tango Element Forum on the Web site, the Tango Element Group or the Bootcamp Event pages on Facebook to try and find a partner or someone to transfer your package to. The transfer is the responsibility of the person placing the order.


Chicho and Juana will perform on Saturday night (Aug 4th) at the Eastern Market 1st Saturday Milonga
Milonga: 9:00 pm-2 am
Performances: 11 pm

Plenty of Free Parking Just Outside the Door
Metro Accessible: Eastern Market Metro Stop
1.5 blocks north on 7th St. SE to Eastern Market's North Hall on the left @ 227 7th St, @ the corner of 7th & North Carolina Avenues SE.

Milongas in the City:

Capital Tangueros Event Calendar https://sites.google.com/site/dctangocalendar/
Fri – Milonga de la Iglecia
Sat – Eastern Market 1st Saturday
Sun – Freedom Plaza + Bootcamp Seminar Milonga at the hotel
Monday – Milonga Zandunga
Tuesday – ESL Milonga


10 minuted Metro ride/4 miles to the downtown Washington, DC.
Holiday Inn National Airport
2650 Jefferson Davis Hwy
Arlington, VA 22202
(703) 684-7200

We have negotiated an amazing rate of $99/night for a double room. Please call reservation line at 1 800 315 2621 to book and mention Tango Element to receive the $99 rate. Please note – the cut-off deadline for this rate is July 11, 2012.

The Washington National Airport is located in Arlington, VA, only 4 miles outside of the Washington DC city center. The hotel is surrounded by a great selection of restaurants, a 24-hour CVS store, is located walking distance from Metro and minutes away from the Pentagon City Fashion Center Mall.


DCA (Ronald Reagan National Airport) There is a free shuttle from the airport to the hotel.

We look forward to welcoming you at this very special event!!!

Holiday Inn Free Shuttle Schedule:

To DCA airport (Monday –Sunday, 5AM-12AM) The shuttle will leave the holiday every 30 minutes on the hour and the half hour. (Ex:  6:00 AM and 6:30 AM)


To Crystal City Metro (Monday to Friday, 6:15AM-6:45PM) The shuttle will leave the holiday every 30 minutes on the quarter after and quarter until the hour (Ex: 6:15 AM and 6:45 AM)

The shuttle bus will also take you to a lovely outdoor swimming pool and Starbucks cafe at their sister Crowne Plaza Hotel a few blocks away.

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