Mariano “Chicho” FRUMBOLI & Juana SEPULVEDA

Mariano Frumboli, also known as Chicho, has undoubtedly played the main role in the creative evolution of tango in the last 10 years. He is renowned worldwide as one of the founders and initiators of Tango Nuevo. He is famous for his personality, musicality and creativity. A true representative of the "New Generation," Chicho brings all his talent and freshness to the dance. He teaches with love and talent, combined with a profound understanding of the dance. His classes are a must for those just approaching the Nuevo Tango style, as well as for experienced dancers. Chicho's work has been one of the biggest gifts that an artist could have given to any art form: the continuous questioning, the research, the quest for originality, and full-hearted creativity.

Chicho began playing drums at 14 years old, and studied theater for 8 years before discovering the tango. He has studied and worked closely with Gustavo Naviera and Fabian Salas. His dancing is characterized above all by musicality and improvisation. In a unique way, he expresses the essence of the music in his dancing. In his teaching, he emphasizes being conscious of the body's movement. Chicho's theatrical background influenced tango dance by adding aesthetics and forms never used before in tango, which at that time went directly against the established rules of social tango but that today are used among professionals and amateurs all around the world.

Juana Sepulveda, is one of the youngest-born stars in the tango sky, she spans the entire range of expression from an innovative subtlety to a stunning manifestation of power in every movement, always matched by her unswerving musicality and pure sensuality.



Considered one the best Tango dancers of all-time, Roberto Herrera is a man of charisma, mystery, and sensuality who possesses incomparable technique. His teaching is recognized world-wide for its tradition, innovation and experimentation. During his prolific career as a teacher, choreographer, and dancer, he has taught and danced on stages around the world: Italy, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Finland, Spain, Portugal, France, Greece, Germany, Poland, the USA, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Bali, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia. A remarkable achievement worth mentioning is Roberto Herrera’s work as the principal male dancer of the Gran Orquesta of Maestro Osvaldo Pugliese. Herrera carries that kind of tango tradition you won’t be able to find elsewhere.

Career highlights include founding one of the most recognized academies of Tango in Buenos Aires and Academy 2010, based in Parma, Italy. Roberto was once principal dancer of the Argentinian National Ballet directed by Santiago Ayala “El Chucaro” and Norma Viola. In 1986 he was the principal male dancer in the film “Tango Bar”. He was part of the cast of “Tango Argentino” in 1992 and 2006 in Buenos Aires, and on Broadway in 2000. From 1993 to 1995 he was principal male dancer of “Tango Pasion” with the Orchestra Sexteto Mayor. In 1995 he created, directed and interpreted “Tango, Una Historia,” which he performed until 2001 in the historic tango bar “El Querandi” in Buenos Aires. During 2006 - 2007 he took part in the widely-acclaimed show “Buenos Aires Tango 3” in Paris and Brussels with the orchestras El Arranque, Vale Tango and Decarisimo. The same show was then successfully performed at the Auditorium in Rome, and then, together with Orquesta El Arranque, in Brescia and Hong Kong, where it sold out at the prestigious Hong Kong Arts Festival.

He and his partner, Lorena Goldestein currently travel the world teaching and performing at major European, South American, and Asian festivals and theaters.


Alejandra MANTIÑAN & Aoniken QUIROGA

Alejandra Mantiñan brings to the table 25 years of dancing Tango. Dedicated to her work, she is now one of the Ladies of Tango that made a statement not only in the way she dances, but also in the way she teaches, investigative and convincing and has been named the most renown dancer by El Tangauta readers.

Alejandra manages FabricaTanguera dance school in Rome, Italy and in Tutzing, Germany, as well as organizes and manages the Fabricando Tango festival in Rome.

Since 2003 she has worked for 6 years with Gabriel Misse, then, since 2008, has been working with such prominent artists as Horacio Godoy, Diego Riemer «El Pajaro», and made a special presentation with ChichoFrumboli in Vienna. Her other partners include Martin Ojeda and AonikenQuiroga, with whom she has been invited to work at the Tango Element festival in the US for the first time.

Aoniken Quiroga began dancing tango in 1994. Always searching to develop within the «tango salon» discipline, he studied with the most sought after teachers such as Carlos Gavito, «El Pibe Avellaneda», Horacio Godoy, Martin Ojeda and Joana Copes, Gabriel Misse, Fabian Peralta, Carlos and Rosa Perez, and Carlos Copello. In 2006 he won the second place in the «tango salon» category of the annual Tango World Championship.

In 2009 he began traveling and teaching in Europe, directing «La Mariposa» tango school in Maidland, Italy. Up to now he has worked in the largest tango festivals in Europe, such as Ostertango festival in Basel, Swizerland, Fabricandotango festival in Rome, Italy, Barleta International tangofest in Barleta, Italy, Warsaw tango festival in Warsaw,Poland, Antwerp tango festival in Antwerp, Belgium, Festival Tango-Tango in Maidland, Italy, London River Tango Festival in London, England, and many more. In 2011, Aoniken inaugurated his own tango school in Naples, Italy.


Martin MALDONADO & Maurizio GHELLA

Martin Maldonado and Maurizio Ghella, are two young teachers and artists who through the technique are looking for the expressive interpretation, for being the dance, and, as a consequence, for the "excuse" to dance their feelings.

One of the main focuses of their work has always been the connection within the couple. The goal is not to learn only new steps, but to emphasize the technique through feeling each other, by being connected and by paying close attention to the embrace. "When you're dancing like this, it will be easier to improvise, and also to approach your Tango in a much more relaxed way", say Martin and Maurizio. In their work they believe in a proposal that allows them to develop not only the technical skills of the dancers, but also to give free space to expression and interpretation.

In the recent years they've been traveling around the world, presenting tango and Argentine folklore, grasping the fusion between the two. They've worked at many well-respected festivals, such as Berlin Tang festival in Germany, Vienna Tango Week in Austria, Tango Postale in France, Misterio Tango Festival in Argentina, just to mention a few. Martin and Maurizio posess an amazing capability to encourage and motivate their students and this year Tango Element is happy to welcome this terrific couple back to Baltimore by popular demand.




Alex's clarity, humor, patience, and approachability in his classes has made him one of the most in-demand teachers in the US. He has taught, performed, DJed and played bandoneon in 12 countries and over 90 cities over the past 14 years. Alex has a degree in music and physics which gives him the ability to clearly break down ideas/movements and gives him a unique perspective into the elements of tango music. Alex currently runs the popular all-tango studio "Tango Berretin" in Portland, OR where he also directs his tango


Alex primarily teaches for the social dance floor, emphasizing the improvisatory side of the dance through strong communication between the lead and follow, and on musicality. He feels it’s important to give his students the vocabulary necessary to find their own unique expression of body movement to dance the Tango.

He has partnered with exceptional follows such as Luciana Valle and Florencia Taccetti, and has performed in the tango show "Tango Nights," at the Alladin Theater, "Danza Tropical" at the Teatro Milagro, has collaborated with the Oregon Ballet Theater and wrote and directed the tango show "Tango al Tiempo" at the Miracle Theater.

At Tango Element Baltimore 2012 Alex will teach and perform with another outstanding dancer - Silvina Valz - and, as at Tango Element we enjoy striving for innovation and making history, we give a huge heartfelt welcome to the upcoming debut of this terrific partnership.


Silvina VALZ

Silvina Valz was born and raised in Buenos Aires and was inspired by the amateur Tango lovers in her family as well as by the authentic Tango masters. She has a unique and beautiful dance style, filled with passion, strength, and humor. Her teaching is clear and well structured—in both lead and follow roles, and her work is grounded in the classic, but is also a bridge to the more modern styles.

To Silvina, the Tango embodies romance, contact, and dialog. Her dance incorporates elements from all styles of Tango, such as Canyengue, Salon, Orillero, Milonguero, and Escenico. She has studied and was formed by famous and world known tango masters Pepito Avellaneda , Gustavo Naveira, Carlos Gavito and Graciela Gonzalez. One of Silvina's long-term partnerships was with Dany Garcia (the legendary El Flaco Dany), a professional tango dancer with over 60 years of experience, performing and teaching the most historical forms of tango, named Milonga Traspie. These associations helped her develop a sharp and deep knowledge of Tango not only as a dancer and performer, but also a widely-recognized Tango master/instructor.

In addition to being one of the Tango's rising stars, Silvina has worked as a choreographer and production assistant with the Theatre Antoine Vitoz. Among a long list of professional accomplishments, Silvina's most personally revered have been her years teaching visually impaired and blind children to dance Argentine Tango at the National School of the Blind in Paris, France. As a Creative Director, her unique and invaluable contribution to the development of the teaching methodology for this innovative program has resulted in the program being accepted as an official Program Partner of VSA arts of Florida.



The Alex Krebs Tango Quartet is devoted to composing and arranging original Argentine tangos for dancing. The group follows in the vein of the great orchestras of the Golden Age while at the same time searching for a way forward. For this festival the group will consist of Alex Krebs on bandoneon, Northwest jazz pianist Andrew Oliver, Pablo Hoopenhayn on violin from Los Angeles and Andrew Roitstein on upright bass from NY with special guest percussionist, Jesse Brooke."

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