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Tango Element is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting Argentine Tango at the national level as a complete art form: through music, dance, singing, poetry, literature, film, and writing by supporting world-class talent for educational and performing events aimed toward aficionados, tango dancers, the general public or any who appreciate an element of the art form.

We are aiming to partner with other nonprofit organizations to bring awareness of Argentine Tango to those just curious, and to provide opportunities to grow and improve to those already dancing as well as to support other causes through the art of dance.

About Tango Element Baltimore 2012

Tango Element Baltimore 2012 - a short film by Oliver Kolker!

Tango Element Baltimore 2012 is planned as a 4-day summer celebration of Tango in the heart of Baltimore, with dozens of classes to choose from, afternoon milongas and dance-till-you-drop all-night milongas with the best DJs and performances by instructors at a first-rate luxury location. We have been working very hard to make sure that our festival offers an exceptional level of quality and mastery available along with a friendly environment, positive energy, and convenience.

This year's event will have a unique personality thanks to the participation of our wonderful maestros, including internationally acclaimed and renowned stars Mariano "Chicho" Frumbolia and Juana Sepulveda in their only US appearance this year. Chicho is recognized for setting many of the tango standards for the past decade and he and his partner have been closely watched and loyally followed in many tango communities, and by tango professionals worldwide. They are a true source of inspiration for the passion, unlimited improvisation, and playfulness in the dance. Their participation is a great honor for us, as is the participation of our other professional couples, all of whom allow us to take the festival to the next level of innovation and discovery and make it a reference for what is up and coming.

Special and new this year are Roberto Herrera and Lorena Goldestein. Roberto’s Tango pedigree is impeccable, and aficionados consider him to be among the best dancers of all-time—ask any teacher—his name will come up. It is not a secret that Osvaldo Pugliese himself has selected Roberto Herrera to be the principal dancer of his orchestra. His classes and performances are truly memorable, and those who have attended C.I.T.A. over the years will tell you his continued presence there is a testament to his abilities. This will Roberto Herrera's only US appearance this year; another unique opportunity to study with the very best!

And to round out the line-up, Tango Element is pleased to welcome back the amazing Alejandra Mantinan and Aoniken Quiroga—another exclusive pairing that brings a wealth of expertise and great energy with them. By popular demand, the most charming Martin Maldonado and Maurizio Ghella also join us for a return engagement, and last but definitely not least, Tango E is delighted to bring the inimitable Alex Krebs who will be partnering with the marvelously talented Silvina Vals to complete the roster. Alex will also be bringing his band along for this engagement, so there will be live music on the dance floor Friday night! Tango Element provides the only yearly opportunity to study with these top-level tango experts in the US, so don't miss it. And we sincerely thank you for your support and for the opportunity you provide us to share this wonderful and special occasion with all of you!

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Martin Nussbaum - Director
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Mark Longerbeam
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Ellen Yong

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