3rd Weekend in August  August 15-17, 2008


6th Annual Baltimore Tango Festival


Pablo Veron

Inheriting the tango tradition from the Argentinian masters, Pablo Veron innovated its style into a unique form which won him the respect of previous generations as well as today's tango dancers. He starred in The Tango Lesson, the story of an English woman obsessed by tango and the man who teaches it to her. This cult classic made Veron a sex symbol, as well as a symbol of tango's resurgence. Today in Buenos Aires, Pablo acts as a remarkable ambassador for this mysterious, sensual and sometimes whimsical dance. Having been recognized both in Argentina and worldwide, Pablo Veron has been instrumental in the rebirth of tango.

"A good tango dancer is someone who has rhythm and who has a good musical ear. He also has respect for the woman; to know what to do at the right time with the right partner. He adapts himself to the woman. He makes her feel that she is the best dancer. He dances for her."
- Pablo Veron


More information: www.pabloveron.net

Raquel Greenberg

Raquel started dancing when she was 6 years old. 12 years of classical ballet studies, contemporary and character dances were the foundation for all that followed. In 1991 she started the studies of Latin and ballroom dances and received the IDTA diploma (international dance teachers association). Rachel has been teaching for 8 years ballroom and Latin American dances and competed in international dance competition such as the prestigious Blackpool congress in England.

In 1998 she started to study Argentinean tango, first the basics with maestro Ricardo Calvo than with her most marking maestros Carlos Gavito, Osvaldo Zotto & Lorena Ermocida , Roberto Herrera, Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne, Javier Rodriguez & Geraldine Rojas, Nito & Elba, Vanina Bilous.

Rachel has performed as Tango dancer in numerous theaters with Israeli Philharmonic orchestra musicians, in "Tango Magic" show and with Pitango quartet.

From 2003 she is living in Buenos Aires where she is teaching and performing, specializing in tango salon style, lady's technique and milonga. She has performed with well known milongueros like Hector Chidichimo and el pibe Avellaneda. She has performed several times in the famous milongas - Club Gricel and la Viruta and has been managing Tangox2 company by Miguel Angel Zotto. For the last four years she is giving workshops and performs in Europe the US.


More information: www.racheltango1.blogspot.com

Daniel Tuero

Daniel has studied and dance tango for the past 10 years with such established maestros as Gustavo Naveira, Mariano Chicho Frúmboli, Sebastian Arce, Julio Balmaceda y Corina de la Rosa, Fabián Salas, Luciana Valle, Claudio Gonzáez and Melina Brufman, Cristina Cortés, Pablo Villaraza and Dana Frígoli, just to name a few. During his tango career he has performed all over Buenos Aires, including Palis de Glace in Buenos Aires with Luciana Valle, Valencia Batiuk and Facundo Gil Jáuregui at the Teatro Nacional Cervantes, Auditorio Univerdsidad de Morón, Buenos Aires with Luciana Valle, Tango's Monument Inauguration Ceremony at Puerto Madero with Orquesta de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires live, also with live orchestras, such as Orquesta Color Tango, Orquesta La Tubatango. Daniel has also performed at the most important milongas of Buenos Aires, such as salon Canning, Confiteria Ideal, La Viruta, etc. He has also worked as a chorographical assistant for Notantango Show by El Motivo at The World Tango Championship'06 in BsAs.

Daniel Tuero comes to us with an extensive teaching experience - he has been teaching on a regular basis at such well know Buenos Aires tango schools as Tango Brujo with Cecilia Piccinni, at El Motivo Tango, with Luciana Valle, Dina Martinez y Valencia Vatiuk, at Centro Cultural Lola Mora with Anita Monteagudo and even at the CITA Festival Intensive Workshops with Luciana Valle.


More information: http://www.danieltuero.com.ar/

Kyla Mares

Kyla Mares is an expert leader and follower dancing beautifully in a wide range of styles with a remarkable sensitivity to the music. Graceful, informed, and playful, she is an extremely musical dancer and is passionate about her love of music from the golden age of Argentine Tango. She began teaching in Reno, Nevada where she studied and taught with Camilo O'Kuingthttons. She then continued her studies with J Abling from Portland, OR. Her travels extend all the way from Buenos Aires, Argentina to all over the United States. She recently moved to New York City and is presently teaching with Robin Thomas at Princeton, Columbia, and Yale.


More information: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=170688230

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